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1. How to Download

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2. How to Import

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3. Create a Landing Page


  1. Elementor Pro version 3.16.2 or later. Check the latest version here.
  2. Before importing .JSON file(s), please activate all these following features:
    Go to WP Dashboard > Elementor > Settings > Features
    • Inline Font Icons: Active
    • Flexbox Container: Active
    • Nested Elements: Active
    • Taxonomy Filter: Active

Recommended Plugins

Recommended Settings

Set the default ‘Content Width’ to 1300 pixel. Learn more about Site Settings here.


Import-ready Files

Download all files in .zip format (Pro Access only)*.

Organized Folders

Download everything in Focus Library, cataloged (Pro Access only)*.

*If you’ve purchased Gumroad Access, you can re-download the files that have been emailed to you via Gumroad.


Free Access


Always free

Gumroad Access


Download entire library

Pro Access 🍔


Direct Download Enabled

You’ll get to download directly as long as our website and Google Drive are functioning. Hopefully as long as possible. Get the Gumroad Access instead if you don’t want to take the risk. No refund.

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